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[sticky post] Yay!

Coloring is lots of fun!

If you would like to help me, just ask!

((The Friends Only/Mostly & contact post, silly!))
I have dec.. de... decided that I need to try and find Mommy a boyfriend again.

So Norman and I are going to look very hard!

We will find someone. But I will not ask in Sages. She would find out! I have to be very sneaky this time.

Mommy has been very worried and sad lately, even though she is acting like she isn't.

I am trying to make her happy, but I can only do so much! I will need help. So that is why Norman and I are going to find some help.

I have a mission!!

I worry too.

Very bad things are happening, but I am trying to smile and be happy for everyone else.

Aunt Raina is upset because Uncle Bobby won't let her go see Aunt Sil. I can't see Aunt Sil either! I can't play with Uncle JC or anyone now! Not even Sigmund! And I can't go to the cafe.. Mommy says Aunt Sil won't let me go, but I don't know why. Mommy says she doesn't either.

When Mommy doesn't know, it is not good.

So I have been playing with Norman and the others.. and I met a really nice girl in Sages! Her name is Lisa Preston. I like her. I gave her a cookie and some chocolate chips! She and her daddy need to smile more. They don't smile enough! I am going to try and help that.

Mommy says since I can't visit Aunt Sil or Miss Buffy, that I can go to Sages more for now. As long as Norman and the others are with me. Of course they will be!

So I am going to play now.

Bad daaaaaaaay.

Mommy and I made lots of cookies for people in the Sages nexus this morning. But when Norman and I got there, the other Anakin was very GRRR. He made Yuki look friendly!!

And he had lots of pain.. all over.. I'm not supposed to know.. but sometimes I see it. And it hurts a lot. Mommy could see it.. she'd understand. She would know what to do.

So I talked to her and Norman.. but.. I still needed help. So I went back to the Sages!

I talked to lots of people and.. I think they helped me a lot too. I like them. They were all very nice to me. I hope I can help them someday.

Except the mean one. He wanted to eat me and other kids! But he doesn't know me! He doesn't know Norman. He's a very bad person.

Norman and the others would get him if Mommy didn't do it first.

Mommy is taking me to the zoo tomorrow! Then we're going to visit Aunt Sil and I'll get to play with everyone! I want to play Batgirl again. Mommy can be the bad guy. She has a very evil laugh sometimes. She's very good at pretending to be bad.

I have shrimp flavored chip snacks!! Alli bought them for me today. I'm going to save them for the zoo!

If I ask really nicely, I wonder if I can have a tiger..